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My Interest in banknotes started more or less in 1975 when I started work, The wage packet was small but at 16 it was a lot more than some of my intelligent friends.
The job was working with money, and the company rules said we had to take but not issue Scottish Banknotes, I have to say these impressed me with the variety and colour.
After all the latest BoE ones were a bit drab, hence I started to explore the Scottish ones and was fortunate enough to be given a very small collection, I had a dilemma, These wonderful things could also be used as beer vouchers, hence the original collection didn't last much past the initial firkins. The interest remained and when I was able to afford them I purchased them.
It was the intention at some point to start selling a few, but it costs too much now on Ebay and I don't want to register as a business seller.

Note of Caution

All of my notes are kept in plastic folders in a smoke free environment, however, I can't guarentee that they wont have a slight whiff of smoke about them as they have all been obtained from individuals and not direct from banks etc.
I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, so anything on this site cannot be assumed to have been professionally graded, where a grade is mentioned this was the grade ( if any ) when purchased appended by 3rd party.
All of the notes have been scanned as they are and a true representation, I have not tried to enhance the scans. Nor have I ironed any notes to smooth them out, but this must not be seen as a guarentee that someone hasn't prior to my ownership

Occassionally there could be blank spaces for photo's, this is only until I get a decent scan of the notes concerned, not a c**k up !!!! I hope.

Some of the notes featured here

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